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One of the most adorable aspects of having kids is watching them copy you, in every way they can.  And really, it’s not different in the feline world!

First, let’s learn why cats like to impersonate others, including their mothers, other cats, and even humans.  Article is courtesy  The Daily Cat

Scientists recently experienced the shock of their professional lives while doing fieldwork in the Amazon forests of Brazil. They were recording some pied tamarin monkeys vocalizing, when suddenly a wildcat appeared on the scene, emitting calls identical to those of the monkeys.

The episode wound up being the first recorded instance of a wildcat in the Americas mimicking the calls of its prey. But what could this mean in terms of your less wild house kitty? Can your domesticated cat copy other animals too?

Cats Mimic Prey
Wildlife Conservation Society researcher Fabio Rohe, who worked on the margay project, suspects all felines could have the copycat ability. “Cats are known for their physical agility, but this vocal manipulation of prey species indicates a physical cunning which merits further study,” he says.

Although your cat may do nothing more than saunter from its bed to enjoy quality prepared food that you dish out, it still possesses hunting instincts with related talents that surface every now and then, if the opportunity arises. Opportunity in this case could refer to a bird squawking in front of one of your windows, or a mouse scurrying by.

Cat Chatter
“Cat chatter” usually begins with a bird loudly vocalizing near a cat. The cat becomes riveted to the bird. After just a minute, the cat will then start to “tweet” and chatter, its mouth moving in sync with the bird’s beak.

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